Education Overhaul Step 3: Lose the Lingo

Okay, I’ve had it.  My eyes are starting to glaze over.  Yesterday I read another amazing blog post about  7 Keys of Great Teaching.  It was great! The points were right on and definitely something I will apply to our household.  And then…then, I see that this is specifically for Leadership Education.  Why yes, there is another name for so-called “homeschooling”.

There are a LOT of names for people that don’t send their kids to a traditional school setting (link craziness alert!):

There are many, many more names, and this article really encompasses many of them, and the obnoxiousness of it all: The Words We Use: Livings As If Schools Don’t Exist.

I’m done with it all!  Lose the lingo – my kids are freakin learning every day.  When people ask when I started homeschooling, I tell them “in the womb”.  Seriously – when is there a moment where our kids do not have an opportunity to learn?  Learning coordination, eating, walking, talking, holding a crayon, dressing themselves, learning letters, reading, counting how many jellybeans each kid gets and how many are left, tying shoes, knots for imaginary dog leashes,  baking with Mommy and serious science and anatomy talks with Daddy…geesh – these kids are not only learning, they are challenging us to learn more every day.  I swear I’m going to start a page on this site that is simply “Google of the week” that is the most outrageous thing we’ve had to look up and research that week.

There we go.  Let’s just say they don’t go to school.  Period.  Everyone is a life learner.  My kid isn’t separate from a kid in public school when it comes to that.  My kid just doesn’t sit in a classroom.

What do you call your learning child? 

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4 Responses to Education Overhaul Step 3: Lose the Lingo

  1. ethansmama32 says:

    When you come up with the elevator speech for this, please let me know. I throw my hands in the air anytime someone asks what school Ethan goes to because I just don’t friggin know. :)

  2. Theresa Lode says:

    Free Range Education, baby! Ashley, you are SO far ahead of the curve on all this. When people ask me, “How do/did you homeschool?” I usually tell them my big secret….GET OUT OF THE WAY! Hard to believe my days are winding down…we’re graduating Molly this Saturday- last year it was Daniel. I really does fly by.
    Oh, I just love what you’re doing with your angels. Keep it up!

    • Mama Rose says:

      Wow – can’t believe they are already graduating! Theresa, you are an inspiration to me and are one of the key people that gave me the confidence to start in the first place! Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve given me!

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